Marji Smith
American Writer, Humorist, Artist
Available April 19, 2018
A Novel Political Satire
When D.J. “the Don” Trump crowns himself emperor, Jason Nickle’s life becomes a dystopian nightmare. Donald’s Dictum (the biggest dictum ever) replaces the Constitution, Spraytan Orange addictions are epidemic, Trump tattoos are required to buy and sell.  Jason’s only weapon against the Trumpoleon regime is a sharp sense of humor but his talents are wasted if he can’t get his act together. His only hope is a mysterious psyche detective who claims he can debug hang-ups in one day.
And so ensues the most bizarre 24 hours of Jason’s life when he enters the netherworld of Donald’s Inferno, the worst-case scenario of a banana republic. Seniors are wheeled into infinity, military trucks hand out strange orange pods, California has been sold to pay for the wall,
neo-Nazis goose-step to the Trumpssian national anthem.
Shouldn’t ‘great’ be something better than this shithole?